Mughal Echoes - Rabab Music for your events and weddings in Toronto (GTA), playing folks tunes from India, Pakistan, Iran & Afghanistan.

Following the Mughals' passion...

CURIOSITY.  The Indo-Persian / Afghan Rabab illustrates the artistic fusion in the region accelerated by the curiosity of the Mughals of India and their fascinating patronage of arts and music. 
REVIVAL.  As extremist elements suppress music in the Rabab's homeland, the Rabab serves to remind folks to resist their violent ideology and to revive folk tunes and musical richness of the region. 
CELEBRATION. Mughal sponsorship of arts lead to many artistic expressions.  From the musical legend of Tansen to Ghalib's poetry, from the splendor of Indo-Persian rugs to the flourishing of musical instruments, dances and courtesans, the echoes of the colourful hedonism of the Mughals are celebrated here!